Workshop 2: Teaching Social Communication to Children with ASD

 (Ingersol and Dvortcsak)

For parents/caregivers of children, newborn-6 years old, who are at risk for or have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and/or social communication deficits.

Duration:  There are two program options:

1)    Individual Presentation:  24 private sessions , 60-90 min each, with subsequent monthly follow-up sessions as needed.

2)    Group Presentation (6-8 families):  12 sessions total; (6) 2-hour group sessions and (6) 1-hour private coaching sessions with each family with periodic monitoring sessions as needed. 


Intervention techniques are drawn from developmental social-interaction and behavioural framework.  The program’s focus is to train parents/caregivers to increase the following core skills in the child:

  1. Social Engagement
  2. Communication/Language Development
  3. Social Imitation
  4. Play