“Jennifer is a fun and engaging speech language therapist. She was able to connect with my son who has CAS (Childhood Apraxia of Speech). Over the course of a year, my son is more talkative and his communication has tremendously improved. Her ability to work with my energetic son with such patience and care creates an exciting experience for him. He always looks forward to his sessions with her! Jennifer has absolutely changed all our lives. I cannot thank Jennifer enough for her continuous work with my son.”
– L.W.
“Dear Jennifer,
I don’t think I’ve said this before but you are amazing!  You’ve done a wonderful job making a somewhat difficult set of tasks fun, engaging, and “okay”; recalling appreciated!”
– J.V.

Heather’s work with our ASD son Jared over many years has been nothing short of remarkable. Her ability to create a safe space that is both challenging and engaging has seen Jared’s communication capacity and delivery go from strength to strength. And from the perspective of a parent looking for learnings that could be reinforced beyond the clinic, her generosity with expertise and advice has been a game-changer at home. We can’t recommend Heather highly enough.
– DG, Vancouver

Prior to meeting with Heather, we had worked with a few SLP’s. They were good but I was not seeing the results I knew my son was capable of. Within the first few sessions I could see a noticeable improvement in my son’s expressive language and it has been on an upward trajectory ever since. Heather explains every activity and tailors them to his needs. She is patient and very knowledgeable and always offers advice to help with any issues we are facing. She works with other service providers on the team to give a holistic view of how to best help my son.
– DS, Vancouver

Our son Aidan loves his sessions with Heather. She engages him without losing his interest or turning into his entertainer – no small feat. We’ve learned so much from her on how to interact with Aidan and she’s always full of great ideas and recommendations that are appropriate for his level of development. What I like most about the work she does with Aidan is that it’s not focused on vocabulary and pronunciation, but that it’s meaningful to him; what’s being nurtured is that he recognizes that he has things to express and can express those feelings. Simply put, she’s wonderful, and a role-model to my wife and I. We would recommend her without any hesitation.

– DL & SP, Vancouver

Jennifer’s professionalism impressed me from the start. She was always courteous and had a way of efficiently determining exactly the key elements of my communication difficulties during each session. As a result of my therapy sessions with her I have a better understanding of how to use my best communication skills. I feel fortunate to have found Jennifer at City Speech Centre.

– JM, Vancouver

Jennifer worked with my daughter for a only a few months but in that short time made a huge difference. Lucy changed from a girl who was often embarrassed to speak out because she knew she wasn’t saying her sounds correctly to a confident participant in school, her extra-curricular activities, and socially with her friends. I would not hesitate to recommend Jennifer to any family needing speech and language services.

– KP, Burnaby

My son has been working with Shira and Jennifer for the past 5 years and he enjoys his visits very much. They are professional, caring, understanding of his complex needs, and make his sessions lots of fun! His speech is consistently improving due to their help. Thank you!!

– AJ, Vancouver

I wanted to … let you know how grateful I am to have found you … You are patient and loving with Sam & most of all have been incredibly impactful. Sam adores you & I know that he will miss you very, very much. I’ve learned so much from you as well & will implement a lot of what you’ve done with Sam… Thank you, thank you, thank you. You will never know how much having you in Sam’s life has meant to me & especially to him.

– LF, Los Angeles

I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done over the years to support my son. You went way beyond the role of a Speech and Language Therapist and sailed into the role of a very supportive and understanding friend. We thank you for that.

You significantly helped and supported my son, a capable child who really wanted to succeed, but couldn’t because he had a language disability. Under your tutorship, my son’s difficulty in communication was identified and treated appropriately. He made steady gains over the years and then astounded all of us with the results of his latest assessment. All the areas you had worked on were now age appropriate.

I know from experience, educators and therapists sometimes wonder if what they are doing is really making any difference in a person’s life. Well, the answer is yes. Thank you, Jennifer, for making a significant different in my child’s life. It is very much appreciated.

– WC, Vancouver

As a result of your hard work and dedication you have changed our son’s ability to communicate. He gradually found a voice for himself in his community and now has many more options for the future. You went beyond the requirements of you position and provided support and guidance as well as the specific instruction he needed. We thank you sincerely,

– MW, Langley