Our Services

The speech-language pathologists at City Speech Centre provide consultation, assessment, and therapy for children and adults with a variety of speech and language issues.

Our services include supporting communications goals for someone who has…

We can assess…

  • Speech sounds
  • Language comprehension and expression
  • Social communication
  • Oral-motor skills (lip, tongue, and jaw movements)
  • Swallowing (tongue thrust)

We assess using…

  • Standardized tests (that give scores)
  • Non-standardized tests (that give descriptions)
  • Questionnaires
  • Reports from clients, parents, and teachers
  • Reports from other professionals
  • Language samples
  • Informal observations

During therapy sessions, we may…

  • Use objects, pictures, or text to help the client use correct speech sounds and language
  • Play games that target therapy goals or keep the client motivated
  • Change the difficulty of a task, depending on the client’s success with it
  • Vary the speech or language goals in a session, to keep the client interested