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Accent Modification

What is Accent Modification?

Accent modification is a tool for increasing a person’s ability to speak clearly in standard
Canadian English. Your specific speech pattern will be analyzed and
small changes will be made to increase speech intelligibility (how well
an unfamiliar listener understands your speech).

Accent modification services are designed to identify and reduce
accented pronunciation that may make your speech difficult to
understand. Our services do not attempt to eliminate your accent
because it is our view that your accent is something to be proud of
and is an important part of your identity. Instead, our approach helps
you speak confidently and clearly, with your unique accent.
We use the only currently known test that is evidence-based,
normed, and standardized for use with individuals with foreign
accents, the Comprehensive Assessment of Accentedness &
Intelligibility (CAAI: Shah, 2007). This is also true for CAAI’s therapy
approach. There are no other research-tested, evidence-based
therapy approaches to date. Only commercial programs (e.g.
Compton P-ESL program) are available.

For more information or to schedule a complementary telephone
consultation with Grace M. Libardo, our accent modification expert, contact us.